Cancer Care


In the name of Patricia Barretto we offer a pledge,

To walk with you that extra mile,
To bring you and your loved ones a smile.

By providing you with care and support,
Especially when you need it the most.

No matter the illness, severity or stage,
We will take care of you in a way that is worthy of the heritage.

Of Patricia Barretto, our beloved daughter,
Who brought so much joy and healing to others.

Through highs and lows, calm or stormy weather,
We promise to be with you in every moment TOGETHER.


We augment your capacities.

We will provide monetary resources to grass root implementing organizations and some individuals
Palliative care or Hospice care works hand in hand with medical treatment to provide care and comfort to cancer patients by treating pain, nausea, insomnia, etc. It is a place where cancer patients can stay for a better quality of life. It involves nursing, physiotherapy, counselling and medical assistance or anything that can improve the day-to-day lives of cancer patients. We help our NGO partners provide palliative care to patients of all ages and stages.
Cancer care infrastructure includes providing physical space for cancer care, screening methods, beds, radiotherapy treatment as well as technology infrastructure to handle patient requirements. We provide all of the above at care centers run by our partner NGOs.
Nutrition is an important aspect of cancer care. We provide balanced, nutritious meals filled with ingredients that help the body in its fight against cancer. Through our partner NGOs, we provide meals to all patients under their care.
Through our partner NGOs we provide medicines and surgery for little or no pay for those patients who cannot afford treatment.

Some calls from the heart

We support some individuals with financial assistance. Girls and women in the age bracket of 15-40 years with affordability constraints can send in their appeals.

All grant appeals to be sent on [email protected] and our team will reach out to you.